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Great news for Baltimore Girl clients- Ashley is now a PPA Member!

What does this mean for you, the client? 
The PPA, or Professional Photographers of America is an amazing organization that provides excellent benefits to members.

​For starters, they provide their members with equipment insurance and indemnification. They also assist with copyright. 

​What makes it so great for clients is that when you hire a PPA photographer you can rest easy knowing that you are hiring an insured photographer. You can also sleep well at night knowing that if for any reason your data (images) is lost, the PPA provides your photographer with world class data recovery assistance from Drive Savers to recover any images that can be recovered. As we all know, Murphy's Law happens sometimes, no matter how hard you try to prevent it.

​The PPA also offers it's members education not only for photographic skills, but business skills, too. They offer their members wit sound business contracts. While these contracts protect the photographer, they also ensure that the client gets everything they are promised. This organization holds its members to very high business standards and members are expected to earn merit, pay dues and remain in good professional standing to maintain membership.

​The biggest benefit to you is the trickle down of savings. The PPA grants its members wonderful discounts on education, gear, liability insurance and so much more. These savings can be 10-50% a year. A lower cost of doing business means you save money, too. 

When you are hiring a professional, it is always best to go with someone educated, licensed and insured. The PPA provides me (Ashley) with education & insurance. This means Baltimore Girl Photography is now a trifecta! Becoming a PPA member was an easy business decision because it benefits everyone.

<![CDATA[My Why: Why am I in Business?]]>Fri, 07 Sep 2018 02:12:25 GMThttp://baltimoregirlphoto.com/blog/mywhyI participated in a very interesting webinar last night by the fabulous Julie Paisley. She mentioned something very interesting that got me thinking. She said that most professional photographers' had never thought of their "why". I started to think about why I decided to follow this career path, & I came to the realization that I was one of those photographers she was talking about. I could not answer the question of why. Why did I initially choose to be a photographer? Why did I go into business in the first place? Why do I appreciate my clients & what do I want them to gain from a session with me?  

​I decided to sleep on it and start fresh this morning with a clear head. I decided I would write down the first 5 things that came to my mind. I wouldn't alter them, because I want my "why" to be a true statement. 

I decided to start my business anew this morning with a brand new response when people ask me "why" are you a photographer, or "why" are you in business.

​Here is my why... 
​I am in business to provide a fun, memorable, real experience for all of my clients. I want to provide each client with a product they will cherish for a lifetime. Years from now, I want my clients to look at their images and smile, laugh, cry, whatever- as long as the image evokes an emotion. I want my clients to feel beautiful & special. Most of all I want them to feel like the small part of their real life I was able to capture is art, because each and every client is a masterpiece. ]]>
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How do you preserve your memories?
This is something that I have teetered back and forth on the whole time I have been in business.. printed or digital images? Now, of course I give every client a print release, but are they actually using it? This week is the would be 30th birthday and 11 year anniversary of the death (yes, all in one week) of one of my very best friends. It is at times like this that I am reminded how much printed images really mean to us.

​Do me a favor? Ask yourself a few questions for me...

Do you still have those images that you took on your phone 5 years ago?

​Now.. I want you to think back to sitting on grandma's sofa, looking at all those photo albums- wasn't there something so nostalgic and awesome about it? Ok, now what will your grandkids have to look at if you never print and image?!

​If your found those questions as alarming as me, if you fear for the loss of your memories- I would suggest buying a few prints here and there. If you still aren't convinced, please read on! Before you do, let me warn you this post is much more personal than many of you are used to. 

​I want to share a few images with you that are my favorites and explain why they are so special to me. 


​This is my grandfather "Pap" in his formal army uniform in the 1950s. He passed away when I was very young. I don't have many memories of him, but I feel a connection to him when I see this image. 

I just love this photo of my grandparents. They had this kind of timeless love and even after 50 years together, they still showed it. I always tell my hubby that my dream is for us to have this kind of love! This amazing man left us a little over a year ago. He stepped in to raise not only my mom & her siblings, but a slew of grandkids, too. He was one of a kind, and so much more to my family than he ever had to be. I love looking at pictures of him and telling stories of his silly antics before he became too  sick, and was no longer himself.
Now, my mom is probably going to kill me (insert giggle), but...
I couldn't resist! I mean, how cute is she in her senior high photo? I don't often get to see this dolled up side of my mama. She is always so busy caring for other people, that she forgets to take some time for herself. She is busy all the time. I know that she often feels like she isn't the same woman she used to be. I hope she knows that this beautiful young woman is still inside of her. 

With this next photo, I will embarrass myself a little.
                  World, meet baby Ashley!                 
This is a photo of me with my "NaNa" (Aunt Kay). Growing up she was a second mom to me when my own was sick with ovarian  cancer. She was my second mother, and I was the baby she couldn't have. My mom was in and out of the hospital a lot for a few years, and NaNa took great care of me. She even bought me two horses. Yep, two of them! Luckily, my mom is better now & I get to have both of these amazing women. NaNa now lives a few hours away from me with her wife Deb, and I rarely get to see her. I sure do love my NaNa tough, and she obviously loves me. So much so that she had family photographs taken with me for her house.   
Ohh, and here is another of baby me. This is of my wonderful Grandmother Rosie (who is no longer with me) & her grandbabies. This woman raised 14 kids, all by herself. Life wasn't easy for her. Her family was Polish immigrants and they struggled greatly. Despite all she had went through, and how little she had- my dear Granny always had a smile on her face and dinner on her dining room table. She was a great woman- a saint, really. She passed away when I was 15 and not one Sunday goes by that I don't miss her Sunday Fried Chicken & rolls. This photo reminds me of a time when our family was still a cohesive unit and still made a point to see one another regularly. All that changed when our glue was taken from us. Now, we see each other once a year at a family reunion. 
This is one of my favorite images from my wedding day. I have told you all before, I am a daddy's girl! I love this genuine moment our photographer captured between me & my papa-bear. I have always felt like he looked so happy & proud of me in this photo. It makes my heart happy when my daddy is proud of me.
This is a photo from prom, my sophomore year in high school. The beauty in the pink and black dress is Kendall, one of my very best friends in high school. Sadly, she died that same year from a rare form of cancer called Ewing Sarcoma. I know you can't tell it by looking at this photo, by my dear friend was very ill here. She passed away that summer. This is one of the last memories I had with her before she was hospitalized the final time.
Last, is the inspiration for this post. This is a "selfie" ta
This grainy photo, that I took with my Motorola Razr so many years ago (& luckily printed) is the single photo I have of Amber. We weren't besties for long, but in a short time she became my first ever roomy and one of the best friends I have ever had. She died awaiting her second lung transplant on June 6th, just days after her birthday on June 3rd. Her first transplant was a success for a while, but she became ill again and never made it to a "new-new" set (as she would refer to them) of lungs. Today, June 3rd would be her 30th birthday. This picture is all I have of her and I together. 

​Here is my point-

What happens if all you have is a digital copy of an amazing memory? Technology is ever changing. In 20 years that disc or usb probably will not even be relevant. My Motorola Razr is long gone folks & I'm sure yours is, too. Sadly, so is my Granny Rosie, my Peepop, my Pap & my  Amber. If I did not print this awful grainy photo from my 18th birthday party, I would have nothing left- except what I keep in my heart. If I have kids, what would I show them to introduce them to these wonderful people they will never meet?

Please, print your memories guys!

You never know how special a small snap shot or image from a photo session might end up being to you one day. I am in no way suggesting you print every image, but every once in a while, hit that print button!! A print will last far longer than the technology you are using to read this, I promise.

​I send love above to all those featured in this post. To those who I can still hug & tell"I love you", & to those who are no longer with us here on Earth- thank you for a lifetime of love & memories. I love you all...
& to you sweet Amber... I hope you have the biggest 30th birthday bash in heaven! You are forever missed & never forgotten. 
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June 2018 Newsletter

Still booking for

Daddy & Me Mini Sessions

Space is still available for the Father's Day "Daddy & Me" Mini Sessions. The sessions will be on the beach at Rocky Point State Park on June 9th and 10th. For only $50 you will recieve a twenty minute session with 6 high-resolution images. The images will be delivered to you in an online album for easy download.  You session will come with a print release, too. Dads of all types are welcome- dads to be, granddads, dads with fur kids, dads with 10 kids, dads with 1 kid.. ALL dads are welcome. 
Book before June 5th to save $5.00 on "Daddy & Me" Mini Sessions with promo code NEWSLETTER-DAD
Baltimore Girl Advice 

Floral Wedding Trends of 2018

A hand tied wildflower bouquet featuring blush garden roses, cranberry colored Ranunculus, dark blue Privet berries, purple Snapdragons and fuchsia Peonies. This bouquet combines a pantone of colors with the hand tied wildflower trend. For more inspiration on similar bouquets, click here
  Earlier in the Spring I had the opportunity to speak with Jamie, the event coordinator for The Flower Cart. The Flower Care is one of the more widely known florist in the Baltimore area. They have been designing floral arrangements for 55 years. Jamie puts a lot of effort into giving her brides what they want. She is happy to help any bride, it doesn't matter to her if you have a wedding budget of $500 or $15,000. During our chat we discussed the biggest floral trends for 2018 weddings. This article will tell you all about what Jamie is seeing with Baltimore's brides this year. The most popular flowers this year are most definitely Scabiosa (pictured), Ranuculus and Garden Roses. Greenery is also a must for Baltimore brides. Most brides are requesting shades of blush, fuchsia and burgundy, with splashes of navy. Jamie's favorite is to add a spray of Viburnum Berries for a nice splash of color. Despite what in the internet says, Baltimore brides are not hopping on the floral hoop bandwagon, Instead, Jamie says, they are opting for floral garlands. These garlands are used to cover archways. Another big trend for archways, and centerpieces, too- moss. Jamie states that many brides are using succulents and moss for centerpieces. She says, if you are a bride looking for the earthy feel, you can't go wrong with floral garland, moss and succulents. Oh! & don't forget about the floral crown for your flower girl or junior bridesmaid/s, made with lovely greenery and sprays of Baby's Breath. According to Jamie, the earthy brides bouquet for 2018 is a simple bouquet of succulents and white flowers. Last year, we saw Sunflowers in the yellow variety in a ton of weddings. This year though, Jamie says we will be seeing Sunflowers in hues of burgundy instead, especially for those late summer and fall weddings. This burgundy hue is very popular for the year. One big trend with this hue is to use a pantone of colors in the burgundy shade- the lavender shade, too. Many Baltimore brides are opting for hand tied wildflower bouquets in these shades versus the more formal bouquets. When asked what her favorite trend was, Jamie says she loves burgundy and blush colors together. She gets very excited when she sees a perfect burgundy Scabiosa bouquet, complimented with gold, go out for a wedding. She knows her bride will love it just as much as she does!  You can contact Jamie, or any of the other awesome florists at The Flower Cart, by calling them at 410-426-3545. You can go to their website by clicking here. Be sure to tell them Baltimore Girl Photography sent you. 
Now Prebooking for

2nd Annual Sweet Summer Mini Sessions

Baltimore Girl Photography is now pre-booking for the 2nd annual Sweet Summer (Watermelon) Minis. This year they will feature watermelon and July 4th décor. The sessions are held at Cromwell Valley Park in Towson on June 23rd. This is a one day only session. Space is VERY limited. This session is fun for the whole family! So, put on your sundress and straw hat, let's have fun making some summer memories. You can book yours now by clicking here. Sessions are just $50 and include a 20 minute session on a styled set, 5 digital images and a print release. If you book before June 5th, you will recieve a free 8x10 print of your favorite pose.
Be sure to mention the promo code NEWSLETTERMELON18 when you are contacted to select your time to claim your free 8x10.

Click here to claim your space now.
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Christina & Bryant

A Private & Oh So Intimate Spring Elopement

​What do you get when you mix a couple that is deeply in love with the quiet of nature and a wedding dress? You get the most adorable, intimate elopement you have ever witnessed. Well, I mean, you may have witnessed it, if guests were actually present. This couple, Christina & Bryant didn't need anyone except one another & nature. The guest list include me (the photographer), their little puppy (the best man), a classical guitarist & the pastor... that was it. It was intimate, it was natural & it was beautiful. They literally danced while no one was watching, in the middle of a small clearing as the spring sun beamed down on them. It was just, so beautiful! See for yourself..
<![CDATA[Spring Specials For High School Seniors]]>Thu, 29 Mar 2018 23:43:16 GMThttp://baltimoregirlphoto.com/blog/spring-specials-for-high-school-seniorsSpring seems to finally be here! I am so excited to get outside and start shooting. This winter felt so long.

I remember being a senior in high school during the spring. It was an exciting time of year. Prom & Graduation were coming. 

This fall we had my 10 year high school reunion. Wow! It goes by so fast. Why not capture some amazing memories now while you can?

I have a few specials I am offering, just to high school students, because this whole reunion thing has me feeling sentimental. I am offering a Prom Mini Session & a discount on my Senior Sessions. In order to get the discount you must book by 4/30/18.

Check out the flyers for more information...
The regular Senior session price is $70 and includes an hour long shoot & up to two locations, a social media gallery of your 8 favorite images and a disc of 15 images. If you book before 4/30/18 you will be getting all of that for just $56.   
Prom mini sessions are just $40 per couple or $25 per person. You will receive 4 of your favorite images in a online album. That's right! You get to choose your 4 favorite images. Trust me, choosing your own images is way better than the one shot you get at the prom. You know... the one image that you pay like $50 on that generic set that is usually laughable. Ahh! I remember those photo sets. I totally wish I would've had a photographer offer Prom mini sessions back in my day. My prom photo setup had a bridge over paper water & a moon hanging from a string. It was horrendous. You want your images to be timeless, not cheesy.

"A camera is the save button for our minds eye" -Roger Kingston

My question to you is how will you "save" your memories? If you are a parent, how will you "save" memories for you children to share with your grandchildren one day? Will they be timeless memories, or will they be embarrassing & cheesy?

Come on now.. I know you already have enough embarrassing memories to show Mom!

......My mom certainly does.

For more information, or to book your session now, click a social media button below
or call/text me at 443-653-4712