Let me introduce myself...

the Baltimore Area Lifestyle Family & Brand Photographer  who  likes  to  keep  it  real  &  fun, too.

My name is Ashley, but you can call me Apples if you'd like. It's a name I was given as a child, and it just stuck with me. I was born in the mountains, but I 100% belong in the city.  Baltimore was my home far before my physical home was here. I met & fell in love with a Baltimorean who was living in WV & very quickly, he made me love this city, just like her made me love him. That man is now my husband, and is my BFF which is so clich√© to say, but it is so true. We have three Siberian Huskies who are our entire world. We all live together, in a little hundred year old cape cod in Baltimore. Life isn't a fairy tale, but it is MY happily every after. I would take this real life of mine any day over any story book. Sometimes reality is better than fiction. 

I am a crafty person who loves anything art. My favorite TV Show is American Horror Story. I eat way too much candy. I drink way too much caffeine. I curse way too much & you never know what color my hair may be next. 

I will always just be me & all I need is for you to just be you. Lifestyle photography and branding are all about being yourself. That is the person your children will remember. That is the person your clients want to work with. Just be you & what we can do together will be beYOUtiful. Too corny? Sometimes I do that. 

I am a photographer by trade, but I like to consider myself a visual story teller. My job is to tell your story, whatever that story may be. The story you want to tell might be the birth of a new baby or a story of family love. It might be a story about a professional badass women who knows her ideal client, wants some bomb social media photos and isn't afraid to be herself. Whatever your story may be, if you are looking for someone to tell it in a "this is life" journalistic way, I am your gal. 

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