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Life's precious moments deserve more than a phone camera. They deserve care and attention. We all have a different story. Some of us are human moms, some of us are dog moms, some of us are working on being a mom and some of us are foster/adoptive moms. It doesn't matter what family looks like to you. The one and only requirement of having a family story to tell is that you have LOVE. No matter what your family is like, from furry to huge, family IS family. Where there is family, there is a story of love to be told, there is a legacy to preserve & memories to capture.

That's where I come in. I am here to document your family's love and tell that story. What you decide to make the subject of the story is up to you. I have photographed everything from making smores, to walks in the park & simply playing with the doggo in the yard. Your story and your choice. 

Average investment $585-$1,085

Here is how it works...

investments start at $525

First, fill out the contact form. Then, I will contact you to set up your consultation. This phone consultation is no-strings attached, and if you decide you don't want to book, that's fine. No pressure, but I know you will be so excited for your session once we speak that the day won't come quick enough. This consultation is where we chat about your family and all those things that are important to you. Here, we will go over the investment and we will pick a theme for your session. We will also set the date. After the date is set, we do all the boring stuff, like paperwork, paying the session fee and reading style guides. Soon though, the day will arrive & it will be time for your session. We will spend 1-2 hours together, photographing all things life. In about 3 weeks after your session, your gallery will be revealed. From there, you will pick your collection. Which collection you pick depends on what happens next. If you pick an Album Collection, we will chat again to create a beautiful, just for you, album. If you don't, no problem, you can download your images & order your prints all on your own. 

If you answered YES, guess what?
My family session are PERFECT for you.

Do you value family traditions? Do you feel awkward in posed photographs? Is your family is everything to you? Are you are a busy human who needs things to be easy? Are you just you & not afraid to be true to who you are Is your home is full of snapshots & scrapbooks?

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