Branding Photography For Makeup Artists

Branding Photography for Makeup Artists can set you apart from the crowd. There are A LOT of MUA’s here in Baltimore, just like there are a ton of photographers. It is important that your brand is easily recognizable and stand out from the crowd.


Instead of snapshots and selfies, when you invest in Branding Photography you look professional and invested. Also, you are visible, doing what you do, which is a huge plus for the client. A great tip, clients love to see you, because you are your brand. It is particularly important to book a branding session as a Makeup Artist, because so few MUA’s book branding sessions, despite the many ideal scenarios to have one. As an example of one great scenario, the featured in this post session took place during a wedding, which is the perfect opportunity to showcase skill, dedication & attention to detail. 

Some brides might enjoy if you let the kids join in, too. Showing your ideal client that you are family oriented may be very helpful.
Showing that you are family oriented could be important to some wedding clients.


Makeup artistry is a visual art form & with visual art forms, you need to be… well… visual. Firstly, your clients want to see how you work. Additionally, they will want to see what your work looks like and if your clients appear relaxed and happy. Perhaps, most importantly, they want to know when all is said and done, they will FEEL beautiful. 

Don’t forget to post the action on your website or social media.
Clients love to see how you work.

Branding photography can do all of that for your services. It can help potential clients visualize, feel & understand the experience they will recieve with your services. 


We’ve already talked about showcasing your skills and dedication to your ideal client, but let’s talk about how long you have to do that- SECONDS.

Yes, I said seconds.

Many studies show that people form an opinion of your brand and your services in mere seconds. According to article by Gigi Rodgers, the Smashbox cosmetics lip “editor & chief”, who has nearly 80k Instagram followers, as a Makeup Artist you have 5-6 second to be exact, to answer three questions:

1. What do you do?

2. How can you help that person?

3. Why should they care?

Guess what? Great photographs can answer all of those questions & additionally, let your ideal client know WHY they should pick YOU over any other Makeup Artist.  some ideas and inspiration? Check out this Pinterest Board I made just for MUAs like you. 

In short, Branding Photography is perfect for Makeup Artists, as it is for nearly all creative businesses. If you find yourself feeling ready to take this huge step in setting yourself apart, just Click here to read more about my branding services. I can’t wait to work with you.

Branding Photography for Makeup Artists

Saturday, March 6th, 2021

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