Do I Need A Personal Branding Session?

My Personal Branding Sessions are designed for the creative entrepreneurs, lifestyle bloggers, small business owners and other professionals of the Baltimore Area, who seek to elevate their brand awareness with their ideal client. Think about some of your favorite businesses and brands— even larger ones like Target or Michael Kors. They each have a unique feel & vibe, right?  That is the goal of a personal branding photography session. My job is to nail down who your ideal client is, help you to visualize the aesthetic they might want, photograph it & present it to the world. You can use the images from your Personal Branding session on your website, social media accounts, newsletters, emails and so much more.

Personal Branding Portraits help you seem put together, confident & legitimate to potential clients. Your ideal client will feel like they know you and understand you & what you do, which is a huge part of the “Know, Like & Trust” triangle. Here’s the thing, when a potential customer feels connected to you, they are far more inclined to work with you! To summarize, Personal Branding is all about creating a connection with your clients.

To determine if a Personal Branding Session is right for you, answer the following questions:

Do you need a Personal Branding Session?

Could you use a way to connect to your clients?

Does your ideal clients know you & trust you? Could you improve that answer?

Would you like to create an aesthetic, a vibe or a unique feel by coordinating your online presence?

Do you want to look legitimate, put together, professional?

How about feel and look confident in your abilities as a *insert title*?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then I say… YES! This is totally perfect for you!

Upon booking, I will work closely with you to find out who you are trying to reach (aka your ideal client). To start, we will jump on a Zoom call to chat about that ideal client & what you want/need to accomplish with your session. This allows me to ensure your personal branding session is built just for you. Above all else, I want each session to be authentic, run smoothly and clearly demonstrate who you are. After that, we can plan and execute the perfect shoot for you.

I go into more detail about all of the prep work for the Zoom Chat in another blog post.

So, What Do I Do Now?

Still aren’t sure if this is right for you? Just shoot me a quick email at & would be happy to help you determine if this session is a good investment for your business.

If you are sure & you’re ready to book, head on over to my branding page & fill out the contact form. Let’s do this!

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Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

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