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As I sit here tonight and write this I am saddened that Graffiti Alley, a unique & famous location in the Penn North area of Baltimore, needs our help. If you are reading this and feel compelled, please click here to sign the petition to save this wonderful place. This is a place where so many have found the peace of expressing themselves. We can’t let is slip away.

The alley is an ever changing tapestry produced by Baltimore artists. It is an L-shaped alley, just behind the Graffiti Warehouse (which is another awesome location) where graffiti is totally legal. It lies just off North Avenue. Soon, the ability for artists to grace us with what’s on their minds may be taken away. Frankly, while sad, is is joyous that we could capture this retro inspired session there before it was too late.

Brittany and I really wanted a retro 90s vibe or this session. She decided on jean jackets and solid color shirts with a big bow to tie it all together, just for the little one. In the 90s, Bongo & Levi denim jackets were all the rage. Since Graffiti Alley has the whole retro graffiti feel, only legal (unlike the 1990s) this was most definitely the way to go.

It worked out perfectly!

Check out these images from this Session at Graffiti Alley.

While I am sad that the alley may be closing, there is still time to capture it’s unique beauty. If you appreciate a good retro vibe, like I do, I would love to capture magical memories with you family here. Smash right here to schedule your free, absolutely no strings attached, consultation today & let’s make it happen. Then, be sure to hop up to the top of this page & SIGN THAT PETITION to save this awesome place for future artists.

I can’t wait to see you at the alley.

Graffiti Alley Family Photography

Sunday, May 23rd, 2021

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