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For years I have tried to talk my husband into a Golf Branding session. As a Golf Pro, I thought it was important that he have images he could use on business cards, as an email signature, on social media and more. He never said no, but always said “photos just aren’t my thing”. Then, I finally won. After years of asking, we decided to make a compromise. I told him to give me ten minutes and I would give him photos he would love & I would never ask again. He agreed and the outcome is magical.

We opted to shoot at a local elementary school’s baseball field in Perry Hall as the golf course would be crowded on a Saturday evening. As a golfer, he has a great respect for other players and didn’t want to disrupt any one else’s game. Additionally, we didn’t want to have to pay Green Fees to shoot the session there. The grade school worked liked a charm. The school, located in Perry Hall, had a freshly manicured lawn, very reminiscent of a golf course. It was the perfect location.

We chose to do his Golf Branding Shoot with minimal props. He brought along a glove, some Calloway balls and his favorite Calloway pitching wedge. Therefore, we needed a little creativity for posing and shooting.

Similarly to most men, my husband HATES being posed. It makes him feel awkward and uncomfortable. Due to his feelings on posing, I decided to go with a more natural feel & incorporate organic golf movements so that he would feel comfortable the entire session. After all, Branding really is about being organic & authentic. As a Golfer, what is more authentic then actually hitting the ball?

The outcome is so amazing, just take a look at my fav of my handsome hubby. *swooning*

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Monday, June 28th, 2021

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