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Your brand is everything when it comes to your clients. It is what determines who buys from you and who moves on to the the next company. It is what determines who reads your blog. It may even be what finds you love on a dating website. Whatever you choose to use branding portraits for, it is vital that you are yourself. 

Your brand is more than a logo or color scheme. It is who you are. What makes you different than any other make-up artist in town? Why are you the best choice for real estate? What makes you stand out from every other CPA in Baltimore? Well, in short, YOU DO. 

When you fill out a contact form, we will get together on a consultation call and create the perfect branding session for your unique brand. Let's set you apart and have those ideal clients packed in like crabs in a bushel. 

the average investment is $600.00

That's Me!

Who is branding photography for?

Bloggers, Real Estate Agents, Accountants, Makeup Artists, Online Dating Profiles, Lawyers, Social Media Influencers & other photographers, too. 

Here is how it works...

a session fee of $325.00 is due at booking.

First, fill out the contact form. Then, I will contact you to set up your free consultation. This phone consultation is no-strings attached, and if you decide you don't want to book, that's fine. No pressure, but I know you will be so excited for your session once we speak that the day won't come quick enough. This consultation is where we chat about your job, your office and all those things that are important to you in daily life. Here, we will go over the investment and we will put together a list of ideas for your session. We will also set the date. After the date is set, we do all the boring stuff, like paperwork, I9 forms, paying the session fee and reading style guides. Soon though, the day will arrive & it will be time for your session. We will spend 1-2 hours together in your office or chosen location.. In about 3 weeks after your session, your gallery will be revealed. From there, you will pick your collection. Once you choose a collection & download your images, you will be emailed a commercial release for your images. This will allow you to use them on websites, social media, ads, business cards, blogs and much more. 

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