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Life's precious moments deserve more than a cell phone camera. They deserve care and attention. We all have a different story. Some of us are human moms, some of us are dog moms, some of us are working on being a mom and some of us are foster/adoptive moms. It doesn't matter what family looks like to you. The one and only requirement of having a family is that you have LOVE. Where there is family, there is a story of love to be told, there is a legacy to preserve & memories to capture. I want to capture all the feels in a print for you to look back on later.

I am here to document your family's love and tell a story. I have photographed everything from a family meeting a new baby for the first time, to a real live surprise proposal, to a family making smores and sadly, even end of life pet portraits where I cried like a baby the entire time right along with the family. Your story, your session & your choice. Let's talk about it today. 

a session fee of $285.00 is due at booking. 

Here is how it works...

average investment (with session fee) is $500-$600

Contact me using the form below or by hitting one of those nifty "I'm Ready to Book" buttons.

We will set up a time for a quick phone consultation to ensure we are a perfect fit. 


We set a date & you recieve all of your booking information and style guides via email. 

Time for the session. You just relax & have fun with your family while I make magic happen.

In 10-14 days after your session you will recieve a link to your images with your very own gallery store. Go ahead and pick whatever images you have to have, which you'll be able to download immediately after purchase. 

After you've picked your image files, feel free to browse your personalized print store, too. I carry a wide array of high quality, professional, printed products from canvases to albums that can be delivered right to your front door.

If you answered YES, guess what?
My family session are PERFECT for you.

Do you value family traditions? Do you feel awkward in posed photographs? Is your family sorta like everything to you? Are you are a busy human who just needs things to be easy? Are you just you & not afraid to be true to who you are? Is your home is full of photographic memories?

That is totally up to you. Your session fee does not include any high-resolution digital files or prints. It does include a proof gallery, which you will receive within 14 days. You may share your proof gallery & you may download social media sized images with a watermark from that proof gallery. Proof images cannot be printed. You can purchase as many additional high-resolution digital files as you'd like for $15/image, but as stated above, you are requited to purchase at least six. The minimum of $90 on images will be billed at the time of booking. Any additional images or printed products will be paid for after viewing your gallery. Each proof gallery has a different amount of images, but my goal is to provide 25-40 images for each proof gallery so that you will have lots of options to choose from.                                              

How many images do I get with my session?

After your session, the best images will be selected for editing. Each of my sessions are batch edited by a team of professional editors first, When they are finished with their part, I then complete to edits by spending time with each photo to make it perfect. I may brighten skin, remove dark circles, correct blemishes, brighten eyes, etc. This process will take around two weeks to complete. Your images will arrive on or before 11:59pm on the 14th day after your session. 

How long does it take to get my images back?

This is the most frequently asked of the FAQs. Almost every client I work with is very concerned about what to wear, and rightfully so. What you wear can make or break your images. It is important to nail down "the look", but there is NO need to stress. I have you covered. Each session that books will get a style guide full of great ideas on what to wear and ever how to coordinate with the location of your session. Since many of the sessions are in your home, I even give you a guide on how to prep your castle.

What should we wear?

Yes, I do. Your session fee is $285.00 and a minimum digital image purchase of $90 is required. At booking, you will be charged a $285.00 session fee as well as a $90 "Digital Image Minimum" Fee on your invoice. This means the minimum investment for a session is $375.00. You will be able to apply that $90 minimum image fee to the purchase of any 6 digital images you choose, but it can not be used for printed products. Your gallery will automatically be set up to allow download those images, and will bill you for any additional images ($15/image) or prints & products that you want (price varies by item).

Do you requite a minimum purchase?

Many lifestyle sessions are scheduled in your own home, making rain of no concern. However, if you are booked for an outdoor photography session, I do offer a flexible rescheduling policy for foul weather & illness. 

What if it rains?

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